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    Jerald Simmons, MD with patient testimonials

  • Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Associates, PA. (CSMA)

    treats the full spectrum of sleep disturbances in patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, including:

    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Snoring
    • Night sweats
    • Daytime fatigue or drowsiness
    • Waking up un-rested
    • Night-time heartburn
    • Blood pressure that’s difficult to control
    • Morning headaches
    • Bed wetting
    • ADD/ADHD
    • TMJ
    • Restless Legs
    • Difficulty focusing and concentrating during the day, and more. 

    If you or someone you know has one or more of these symptoms, a sleep disorder may be the cause and an evaluation is needed; help is available by Dr. Jerald H. Simmons and his dedicated team at  CSMA.  Dr. Simmons established CSMA as an outreach program in the Greater Houston area and now has facilities in the Houston Medical Center, Sugar Land and The Woodlands. The Sleep Medicine Specialists at CSMA can help you determine the cause of your sleep problems and restore night after night of healthy, restful sleep. 


    Houston Sleep lab locations

Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Associates Sugarland Texas

CSMA's sleep centers throughout Greater Houston
Founded and Directed by Dr. Simmons

Jerald H. Simmons, MD and Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Associates are proud to announce our newest location; we will begin seeing patents at 3200 Research Forest Drive, Suite A-4, The Woodlands, TX 77381 in March 2013. We are just beside The Woodlands Compounding Pharmacy in a newly remodeled and decorated Five-Star clinic and sleep center. CSMA will continue to provide our Platinum Level Care, with the quality of services that Dr. Simmons and his team have taken great pride in since he began at the Sadler Clinic in The Woodlands in 1999. This includes any of your PAP Durable Medical Equipment needs. We also have two other convenient locations in the Greater Houston area.



CSMA: The Woodlands


3200 Research Forest Drive, Suite A-4
The Woodlands, TX 77381
(281) 297-6305 O
(281) 297-6436 F


CSMA: Houston Medical Center

2201 W. Holcombe BLVD., STE 325,
Houston, TX
(713) 668-4100 O
(713) 668-4105 F


CSMA: Sugar Land Medical Area

15423 Creek Bend DR
Sugar Land, TX
(281) 240-3773 O
(281) 239-6268 F

CSMA: Austin

8229 Shoal Creek Blvd. # 101
Austin, TX
(512) 691-7077 O
(512) 691-7080 F



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